A little bit about us

With 27 years of tour operating experience and 18 years’ experience arranging tours and trips for brothers and sisters we have created a number of trips designed for Jehovah's Witnesses, relatives and friends. We pack a lot in with all the Watchtower facility visits, conventions and recreational time, but it is well worth the effort.

Some of our tours co inside with Regional Conventions which brothers and sisters enjoy visiting. Though the tours concentrate of spiritual content there is always time for leisure and fun. Mixing with friends from various countries is also most enjoyable.

Our Commitment 

Many people have a new found appreciation for the bible after visiting historical sites and seeing Jehovah’s organization. Brother & Sisters are also moved by the encouraging association on our groups, this is why we are committed at offering trips at the most reasonable price possible so many can enjoy the benefits of traveling with JW Tours.

Our prices are achieved through industry connections and contacts that are possible as JW Tours is an experienced travel agency operating since 1992 alongside Moseley Travel our retail office located in the UK.