Frequently Asked Questions

Here at JW Tours we are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about our trips and terms. To help provide information here are some of our most frequently asked questions from brothers and sisters, we hope this information helps. If your question is not here or you would like further detail please do not hesitate to contact our team.

What happens if there is not enough people in the group?

If there is not sufficient numbers for the group to viable you will receive the opportunity to change the tour to another destination or to have a full refund of the money paid. You will usually be informed at least one month before departure if the group will not go ahead.

Can I book a trip without flights and meet you at the location?

Yes, all our trips come with the alternative to book without flights, at a lower price so that you can make your own travel arrangements if you wish. However please note that you will have to keep in mind the time that the rest of the group arrive, if you wish to benefit from transport from the airport.

Can I bring my non- witness spouse, relative or friend?

Yes, JW tours are open to all who are connected to Jehovah's Witnesses i.e. relatives, spouses or close friends. However, please note that our trips heavily feature spiritual activity and discussions. Anyone who would not be open to this may not enjoy the trip.

Do I have to fly from London?

On some tours regional airports are available with supplements.  

What is a single supplement?

All hotels charge a supplement for single occupancy as the price is based on two sharing a room. It is cost effective to travel in twos, however, if you are not able to find someone to travel with you can let us know and we can try to put you in touch with someone in a similar position, then it will be up to you to decide if you can share a room with that person, thus avoiding the single supplement.

Do I need any injections or vaccinations for any of the trips?

No, our current destinations for tours do not require any injections or vaccinations. Please note you may need to speak to your doctor if you have any health concerns before travelling.

Can I pay off the trip in part payments?

Yes, following payment of the deposit we are able to send invoices for part payments within a time frame that works for you i.e. monthly payment. This is available as long as the full amount is paid 12 weeks before the trip starts.

Is it safe to travel to Israel and Jordan?

Yes, we have been travelling to Israel and Jordan since 2012, our experience is that both countries are safe and secure, in addition to our own experience we are in contact with the bethel and our brothers who will let us know if there are any major problems. Also, as licensed travel agents the foreign office is obligated to alerts us to any incidents that may impact our travelling. The locations that we visit are a safe distance from any known problem areas, and we are happy to report that out brothers and sisters feel very safe when on our trips, commenting that safety is as good as any other country. In our years travelling to Israel and Jordan we have never come across any issues.