Comments from our Brothers & Sisters 

"Just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic education & association. Everyone, young & old(er) added something to making it a such memorable experience. Bible accounts, places & characters really came alive & it was great to share those moments with our spiritual bro's & sis's, and associated friends" - Brian (Israel 19) 

"I would like to thank you Lisa, Charles and everyone for a memorable trip. I have never stayed in so many hotels. I have always wanted to visit Israel and I am grateful to Jehovah for the opportunity and the lovely association with you all. As a newbie in the Truth its very encouraging." - Anne (Israel 19) 

"Thanks for a wonderful time and all the places you took me to, I have had a lot of good memories to keep. Please give my love and God’s blessings to all and hope to see everyone again next year.Love and God’s blessings." - Shirley  (Greece 19)

"Thanks Charles/Lisa, it's been an amazing spiritual journey" - Mary (Greece 19)

"know that I am now well rested and in deep appreciation of the wonderful tours and international convention we shared. Wasn't our hearts burning and our ears opened wide to Charles opening the scriptures to us in the land of the ruins and Paul's missionary journey's and the lovely discussions we had on the bus journeys along with the days text. I shall treasure our wonderful experience together" - Avery (Greece / Cyprus 19)

"Have been reminiscing about our adventures. It's amazing all the places we have seen!! Love to u all" – Asia (Israel April 19)

"Just wanted to say what a terrific experience the expedition to Israel has been. Besides the remarkable biblical sites and the beauty of the land, what really made it was you the brothers and sisters...Been great to make so many new friends....We have had a little taste of what the New system is going to be like!!!.....something to really cherish!!" – Ian (Israel April 19)

"We too had the most wonderful trip with you all and we will keep in touch. Friendships are made when people have the same interests and loves in life. I think we have made it obvious by our actions that we serve a loving God. That love has been increased by the new perspective we now have gained by this wonderful, informative experience. We love each and every one of you" – Andrea  (Israel April 19)

"It has been truly awesome and I wanted to add my thanks to you all for making John feel so comfortable and so welcome. He’s enjoyed it too and I continue to pray as I have been for the last 36 years that he will soon see that we are Jehovah’s faithful servants and will come and join us in true worship. I know being with you all this week is a step closer. THANKYOU Your sister" - Ann (Israel 19) 

"Thank you to everyone for letting me come along as a cousin. It wasn't an easy decision to come but I am very glad that I did. Special thanks to Charles and Lisa for keeping a quiet eye on me and a hug when needed, and to everyone for making me laugh and introducing me to tea and rum." - Gordon (Israel 19) 

"Our travel arrangements went perfectly. We too are well refreshed mentally and spiritually from the tour. Thank you again Charles and Lisa for your organisation and care, and all the group for a happy encouraging time" - David & Elizabeth (Greece 19)

"I appreciate so much all that you and Charles did to make the trip so enlightening and continue to do so" – Jackie (Israel April 19)

"Thank you all for making this experience one in a lifetime. I always wanted to visit Israel and you all made the experience come alive better than I could have expected. Jordan was a bonus I did not expect. The friendships we formed will last for years to come especially with our faith a common bond" – Arlene (Israel April 19)

"To my new family of brothers and sisters - how wonderful to have met you all and shared this life-changing spiritual experience! I think we all feel the same, and I'm so grateful that we were led by such a wonderful couple as Brother Charles and Sister Lisa! With both of their Biblical knowledge coupled with their day-to-day touring logistics they really made the trip, shall I say in British...brilliant! and made it come alive in a way that we could really see how lives were led from back to Moses’ time, through Jesus’ life and ministry with his Apostles, and the 1st Century disciples and Congregations. What an amazing trip!" – Deborah (Israel April 19)